Saturday, February 25, 2012

Resistance 3 Assets 2010

I posted some assets I made while working on Resistance 3 back in 2010. I think maybe trickled a little bit into 2011 also.

 The R3 Goliath, bigger and badder rebuilt from the ground up for this game.

 The R3 Stalker, it's actually been simplified from the one I made for R2 but it's got a new paint job.

The Hybrid was started by another artist, Sam Sharit, who left the company which then I inherited and finished the modeling and texturing.

This is the Hybrid bust that was suppose to be printed out for the Resistance 3 collectors edition but was canceled by Sony. This face on this is further refined as I wanted him to look even more vicious. I call it the hybrid 3.5

The Fighter Drone which was renamed to the Shock Drone I believe in the final game.

The Scanner Drone was modeled by Guthrie Iddings and I textured and finished.

The Leech sculpt. Too bad I don't have a textured version. The head on the top was a proto head which was dumped for the head on the bottom.

Here's a maya screen cap of the high res geo for the Chimeran RPG.

The Resistance 3 cryogun maya high res.

The plaguethrower, the final design of the gun changed in the shipped game.

Few other screenshots of guns I worked for R3. Not shown here are also the Bullseye and Marksman which I also helped with.

Found a couple more making of images I have on the Goliath up top. This is the top the idea is that it's so large that the top begin to frost over.
I detailed out the bottom of the leg too because I thought it'd be what the player sees the most, turns out I don't think you ever see it from this perspective.

The legs at the bottom were submerged in water so they are more rusted.
This is what the bottom looks like. Sorry these images are pretty bad quality, they are photographs of my tv at the time.

More Resistance 3 images coming....

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