Saturday, February 25, 2012

Resistance 2 Assets 2008

Here are just a few samples of assets I worked on for Resistance 2 back in 2008. I will be the first to admit the R2 assets are not the best looking but I thought I'd share anyway.

The ravager from R2, new enemy type. Although I will say the Ravager from R3 looks infinity cooler.

Production Time was about 2 weeks as was almost all assets on Resistance 2.
 The giant mother spinner boss from R2.
 Some ships I made, one was the shuttle (bottom left) the other is the fighter that only zipped by from a distance and was never suppose to be seen up close (top right). Except I think it was placed center stage in a multiplayer level. Sigh.
 The coop-sniper fully upgraded and the pure chimera tank with a pure chimera fossil inside.
The updated steelhead. The sculpt of the skin was already done by the lead (Damon Iannuzzelli) at the time.
I updated the textures on the R2 Swarmer.

I also worked a lot of other assets I thought I'd save for the Resistance 3 (coming soon) update just because the have been updates. Nothing I posed above made a return on the sequel.

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