Wednesday, February 27, 2013

KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS LA is seeking Artists, Designers, Programmers, Animators

JOIN THE FOX TEAM DEVELOPMENT WITHOUT BORDERS GDC 2013 Booth CP2308 Kojima Productions will be returning to the GDC 2013 Career Pavilion (March 25th - 27th) to seek for skillful engineers, artists, and game creators including: Project engineers for the latest Metal Gear Solid targeted for high-end consoles and PC Engineers to help develop next-gen game engine technology for use with the "FOX Engine" If you are interested in becoming part of our team in Los Angeles, CA, please visit the Kojima Productions booth, CP2308, at the Career Pavilion.  We look forward to meeting lots of enthusiastic and talented candidates.

Kojima Productions Los Angeles is looking for talented:

- Senior Production Line Manager

- Senior Multiplayer Designer
- Senior Level Designer
- Senior Game Designer

- Senior Concept Artist
- Senior FX Artist
- Senior Lighting Artist
- Senior Character Artist
- Senior Environment Artist

- Senior Animator
- Senior Cinematic Artist

- Senior Network Programmer
- Senior Gameplay Programmer
- Senior Graphic Engine/Tools Programmer

Please visit our Gamasutra Job ad for more information on qualifications:

Apply now for possible face to face at GDC. Please send resume to

For more information about Konami Careers please visit:

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Metal Gear Rising LA Launch Party

Here are some photos from metal gear launch party Monday night at the Hard Rock in universal city. Stole some better photos from my co-workers. Event was held 2/18. First 150 fans that got their game signed by Metal Gear Rising producers Yuji Korekado and Atsushi Inaba at Gamestop actually got into the private after party right next door consisting mostly of Konami Digital Entertainment, members of the press, a few people form Kojima Productions both Japan and LA studios as well as Platinum Games and of course the fans that were waiting in line for a long time. It was fun, open bar, great food (sliders and quesadillas just to name a few), and a live metal band. It was great seeing the fans reactions to the premiere of a new Rising trailer edited by Kojima-san himself.

This is only of many launch parties worldwide I believe. Kojima-san and Shinkawa-san were touring in Europe so they were not present. The Platinum producers are touring North and South america. Los Angeles is just one of their many stops.

Hard Rock Universal City

Fans waiting in line.

Female Raiden (inside joke MGS fans always complained that raiden is too feminine)

Inside the Hard Rock

Few members of the Kojima LA team.

Press playing the game.

Best looking Raiden Cosplay ever!

I actually thought he was staff but apparently he was a fan trying to get in.

Is Raiden a dude or a chick?

Both Raidens together.

The live band.

Members of Kojima Productions LA with Raiden.

Here is the trailer premiered that night edited by Kojima-san.