Saturday, February 25, 2012

Captain America Speed Sculpt

Almost caught up to present time...

I was over at a co-workers house and I was going through some of his comics and I saw Joe Madureira's captain america; I knew immediately I had to do a quick sculpt of it. I think of this as part 1 of the speed sculpt I really want to do the zombie cyborg version of his head too, saving that for part 2.

Capt America Speed Sculpt Part 1

Part 2 Coming soon...

Here it is Part 2 of my captain america sculpt.

Capt America Speed Sculpt Part 2

That's it for now. 

Batman Speed Sculpt

My girlfriend hated it which confirmed this one as a win.

Speed Sculpts

Couple more speedies from 2 weeks ago.

Finally Own a Cintiq

Finally bought a cinitq, although it is used and is the first general it's still awesome. Takeing it out for a spin with some speeds sculpts.

One of a new co-worker I tried to do from memory... I don't think he liked it lol.

Resistance 3 Assets 2010

I posted some assets I made while working on Resistance 3 back in 2010. I think maybe trickled a little bit into 2011 also.

 The R3 Goliath, bigger and badder rebuilt from the ground up for this game.

 The R3 Stalker, it's actually been simplified from the one I made for R2 but it's got a new paint job.

The Hybrid was started by another artist, Sam Sharit, who left the company which then I inherited and finished the modeling and texturing.

This is the Hybrid bust that was suppose to be printed out for the Resistance 3 collectors edition but was canceled by Sony. This face on this is further refined as I wanted him to look even more vicious. I call it the hybrid 3.5

The Fighter Drone which was renamed to the Shock Drone I believe in the final game.

The Scanner Drone was modeled by Guthrie Iddings and I textured and finished.

The Leech sculpt. Too bad I don't have a textured version. The head on the top was a proto head which was dumped for the head on the bottom.

Here's a maya screen cap of the high res geo for the Chimeran RPG.

The Resistance 3 cryogun maya high res.

The plaguethrower, the final design of the gun changed in the shipped game.

Few other screenshots of guns I worked for R3. Not shown here are also the Bullseye and Marksman which I also helped with.

Found a couple more making of images I have on the Goliath up top. This is the top the idea is that it's so large that the top begin to frost over.
I detailed out the bottom of the leg too because I thought it'd be what the player sees the most, turns out I don't think you ever see it from this perspective.

The legs at the bottom were submerged in water so they are more rusted.
This is what the bottom looks like. Sorry these images are pretty bad quality, they are photographs of my tv at the time.

More Resistance 3 images coming....

RCF2 Action Figures

RCF2 also had some action figures made of my armor set and weapon which turned out pretty hideous looking but here they are:

Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack In Time 2009 Assets

Here are a few samples of work from RCF2, these assets were made in 2009.

Ratchet Armors from RCF2. Progression from left to right. I took these images off an online wiki, I don't even have screencaps of my own work.

Here is a look at the maya high res for Ratchet's final armor (the red one above).

Ratchet Marketing Image.

 Vorselon. RCF2 Boss character.

Agorian Dropship

Battle Bot enemy.

Different Battle Bot types... I believe all these but 1 were cut.

Female Fongoid

The rest of the fongoid family. Steve Moore made the child and Thom Olson texture the male next to the female in the family.

 Fongoids high res.

The Nefarious Large Trooper. Bind Pose, he looks a bit awkward.

Misc weapons I made for RCF2.

This is the Maya high res of the fan created weapon, the spiral of death, this is the upgraded version.

More images coming...

Resistance 2 Action Figures

I did get some action figures made from Resistance 2 as well. These pictures are old I had to take them from my facebook.
 Here is the ravager action figure next to the render of my model on the pc. I wish I still had those renders I'd replace the ones below but I can't find them now.
Here is a look at a few other actions figures.

Resistance 2 Assets 2008

Here are just a few samples of assets I worked on for Resistance 2 back in 2008. I will be the first to admit the R2 assets are not the best looking but I thought I'd share anyway.

The ravager from R2, new enemy type. Although I will say the Ravager from R3 looks infinity cooler.

Production Time was about 2 weeks as was almost all assets on Resistance 2.
 The giant mother spinner boss from R2.
 Some ships I made, one was the shuttle (bottom left) the other is the fighter that only zipped by from a distance and was never suppose to be seen up close (top right). Except I think it was placed center stage in a multiplayer level. Sigh.
 The coop-sniper fully upgraded and the pure chimera tank with a pure chimera fossil inside.
The updated steelhead. The sculpt of the skin was already done by the lead (Damon Iannuzzelli) at the time.
I updated the textures on the R2 Swarmer.

I also worked a lot of other assets I thought I'd save for the Resistance 3 (coming soon) update just because the have been updates. Nothing I posed above made a return on the sequel.