Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack In Time 2009 Assets

Here are a few samples of work from RCF2, these assets were made in 2009.

Ratchet Armors from RCF2. Progression from left to right. I took these images off an online wiki, I don't even have screencaps of my own work.

Here is a look at the maya high res for Ratchet's final armor (the red one above).

Ratchet Marketing Image.

 Vorselon. RCF2 Boss character.

Agorian Dropship

Battle Bot enemy.

Different Battle Bot types... I believe all these but 1 were cut.

Female Fongoid

The rest of the fongoid family. Steve Moore made the child and Thom Olson texture the male next to the female in the family.

 Fongoids high res.

The Nefarious Large Trooper. Bind Pose, he looks a bit awkward.

Misc weapons I made for RCF2.

This is the Maya high res of the fan created weapon, the spiral of death, this is the upgraded version.

More images coming...

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