Friday, September 6, 2013

Kojima Productions Los Angeles Studio Photos

Here are some Official photos of our new studio. Finally open and fully functional.

Outside the Main Building.
Outside the secondary building, houses the focus testing room and movie theater!
Main Development area.
Secondary Development area.
One of the Audio Rooms.
Movie Theater!
Common Area.
Stairs leading up to the second floor offices.
Outside back patio.

Here are some news articles and links with more photos of the Press studio opening last night:

A Ceremonious Opening of Kojima Productions Los Angeles

Photos of the Kojima Productions Los Angeles studio opening

More to come later....


  1. This looks absolutely gorgeous, even better than the slides at GDC this year had hinted it would be.

    I'm really hoping to catch a glance while attending GDC Next. In my opinion, this is where the important things are going to be happening for the foreseeable future of the game industry.

    Is Stefanie as pretty in real life as in her photos? Haha. Good to see Thomas is doing well too!

    1. She is pretty tall, I'll try to get a photo with her later tonight. We'll see. Yeah Thomas is famous now!